Britney Spears’ Youngest Son Gives Controversial Video Interview About His Relationship With Singer

After the ex-husband of Britney Spears have revealed that the children they have in common do not want herthe youngest son of the singer, Jayden Federline15 years old, broke the silence in a video interview for the The Friday ITV News.

With the permission of the father, Kevin Federlinethe teenager – who lives with his 16-year-old brother Sean Preston and the dancer – opened up about his relationship with his mother. “I think 100% that [a relação] can be repaired. I just want her to get better mentally. When she’s better, I really want to see her.said Jayden, quoted by initiated.

Around 13 years in guardianship, Jayden says Britney’s grandfather and father, Jaime Spears, “He doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets from the media. He was just trying to be a father”. “At first he was just trying to be like any dad, letting her pursue his daughter’s dream of becoming a superstar, but I think the guardianship may have taken too long, probably because my mom was so mad at this whole work situation. She should have taken a break and relaxed“, he stated.

The young man also defends his grandmother, Lynne Spears: “Every time I see her, she worries about me. They are not bad people! They know what we are going through right now. They want our future to be what we want it to be. They just want to take care of us. Memow and Uncle Bryan are an integral part of our lives. They taught me how to handle things“, said.

Learn more about publications in instagramJayden explained that he considers himself an outgoing person, unlike his brother Sean. “He asked my mom not to post pictures of him and she did anyway. stress. And about the controversial photographs in which Britney Spears appears completely naked, the young man said that “It’s almost like she has to post something to get some attention. It’s been going on for years and, in fact, it may never end.

Sean and Jayden Federline (Instagram reproduction, DR)

When there is a favorite child

Jayden also left a message for his mother: “I love you very much and I hope the best for you. Maybe one day we can sit down…and talk again, have a normal conversation.”, said. However, he said that Britney did not show equal love to her brothers: “I think my mom had a hard time giving us attention and showing us equal love and I think she didn’t show Preston enough and I feel really bad about that. We’ve both been under so much pressure in the past that this is now our safe place, to process all the emotional trauma that we’ve been through to heal, to heal our state of mind.he said, adding that he was treated better by the singer.

Despite everything, the relationship between the brothers is excellent: “The Preston and I are very close. He always watches over me and I over him. We make sure we are both mentally healthy“, he stated.

The teenager also confirmed he hadn’t seen his mum in months, choosing not to attend her wedding with Sat Ashgari, in July. “At the time, it was not the right time to leave. I’m not saying I’m not happy for her. I’m really happy for them but she didn’t invite the whole family and if it was just me and Preston I don’t see how this situation would have ended on good terms.” he explained.

The singer’s response

Britney Spears posted a long text on Instagram saying that the “deeply saddened” hear that she “did not live up to expectations”. “I tell my son Jayden that I send you all the love in the world everyday for the rest of my life! My love for my children knows no bounds.he said.

The entertainer also opened up about guardianship and said she tried to be the best person she could while she was a “hostage”. He also said he liked seeing his children “face to face and talk about it openly” and added: “Keep playing the piano… You and your brother are brilliant and I’m so proud to call you mine.”

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