Ruben Rua’s ex-girlfriend is engaged: the giant engagement ring and her companion

They met in 2017 and will be dating between 2019 and 2020. Ruben Rua and Amanda Amorim were news of a possible reconciliation in February 2021, but what is certain is that the two have separated for good. The Portuguese lawyer just got engaged.

As the last two weeks show, Amanda Amorim was proposed by Awsten Awbrey apraman, a doctor who works in the United States, where they both reside. Amanda is sharing more and more pictures of their time together and this week she showed off her huge diamond engagement ring, as you can see in photographs below.

The very discreet relationship with Ruben Rua

During the time they dated, the presenter rarely shared images of the two and did so especially in stories (Instagram posts are only available for 24 hours). Amanda Amorim was even more discreet.

Recently, Ruben Rua assumed his relationship with influencer and Swedish yoga teacher, evil, after a publication revealed the identity of the communicator’s new girlfriend.

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