The wives of Mion, Faro and Marcio Garcia impress with their beauty

Wives of great Brazilian TV presenters such as: Marcos Mion, Rodrigo Faro and Marcio Garcia, impress with surprising beauty

That the program presenters of Brazilian stations live in the spotlight, everyone already knows. However, many do not know the wives of celebrities, who sometimes lead more discreet lives and away from the cameras. However, many are so beautiful that they deserve recognition and publicity for their beauty. Like the wives of great presenters Marcos Mion, Rodrigue Faro and Marcio Garcia.

For those who do not know, the woman of the world Marcos Mion, it is the beautiful Suzana Gullo Mion. A true beauty, Suzana loves sharing the clicks on her istagram, showering her beauty and driving her followers crazy. The woman is a real spectacle!

Suzana Gullo Mion – Photo: Instagram Reproduction

Recently, Suzana Mion paid a beautiful tribute to her husband Marcos Mion and stopped the web.

“We married for love and we live off our love to this day. My Marcos who woke up in a bad mood (and learned it wasn’t worth it), my opposite, who sleeps at the dawn, devours the most boring books, teaches children to grow up in rock, the guy who flies out every other day not just to be with us in his free time, who does the best tostex in the world, who taught me (who knew!) how to make risotto, who brings me a glass of wine whenever she needs to convince me of something…”, said Suzana Mion.

“The skinny boy who’s grown into a giant, physically and at heart, who says he doesn’t eat sweets, but mysteriously the cakes are at mid-dawn, who wakes the children up every day with the same song of the Beatles.. There are so many memories and so many memories that the only thing I want to ask today is that God enlighten you and cover you with blessings and that you have good health so that we can live moments like these forever and ever! Congratulations my eternal love, I love you infinitely!concluded Suzana Mion.

more wonderful women

Another stunningly beautiful woman is muse Vera Viel, wife of presenter Rodrigo Faro. Vera is just perfect and also loves sharing beautiful photos on her instagram. Recently, the muse published in her networks that she had been with her darling for 25 years.

“Today marks 25 years since we met 🥰 5/13/97. God wrote our LOVE story,” said Vera Viel.

Vera Viel – Instagram Copy

Living a more discreet life, the nutritionist and wife of the presenter, Márcia Garcia, also has a breathtaking beauty. Andrea Santa Rosa Garcia is simply the charm of a woman. The muse loves talking about health and fitness on her social media. In a recent post, she said, “I always tell you that combining mindful eating with exercise is very important for a better quality of life. Often, with busy routines, we end up taking care of our bodies on the side. Exercise is essential to keep the body healthy and active. In addition to promoting well-being and energy so that we can support our daily life with presence.

The wife of presenter Márcio Garcia is a real perfection.

Andrea Santa Rosa Garcia – Instagram Copy

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