No end in sight. Angelina Jolie is suing Brad Pitt for over 250 million euros

Many will still remember the most glorious moments when Angelina Jolie and brad pitt they were one of Hollywood’s most desirable couples. Separated for six years, these last times have been marked by mutual accusations and prosecutions, in a war that continues in the courts.

Recently, according to the magazine Hello !and after Brad Pitt exposed a fraudulent scheme by Jolie, in his attempt to sell part of the property the two owned to a Russian oligarch, the Tomb Raider actress decided to file a complaint for 252 million euros against her ex-husband.

It is more precisely the Chateau Miraval, a mansion and winery that in recent times has been the subject of contention between the two. Angelina Jolie says that Brad Pitt and some of the actor’s friends will have planned a “cunning campaign to take control» property, in the form of “retaliation for divorce and parental custody proceedings“, underlines the Spanish publication, citing the page 6.

Image of the property when it was purchased by the ex-couple (MICHEL GANGNE/AFP via Getty Images)

The lawsuit details that Pitt will have used Angelina Jolie’s large financial stake in the property, forcing her to sign a “silence clausewhich would prevent her from talking about the circumstances that led her to file for divorce.

The actress is now asking for compensation for the millions of euros that Brad Pitt wasted on the Chateau Miraval without any commercial justification, such as a recreational swimming pool, worth a million euros, or with the construction of stone walls with masons brought from Croatia, which cost millions more. The document alleges that all of those funds were spent, despite Jolie’s objection.

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