Post Malone is gay? Investigation into rappers’ sexuality rises after Rock In Rio concert

Post Malone’s sexuality sparked a lot of research on the internet after the artist’s concert at Rock In Rio.

the rapper Post Malone performed at Rock in Rio the first weekend of the festival. The artist put on an amazing show in the rain, and many say the American artist’s show was the best at the festival so far. Although he gave a great pitch, it wasn’t just what people on social media wanted to know, many researched the rapper’s sexuality on Googlewondering if he would be gay.

Post Malone has never commented on his sexuality or on rumors suggesting he might be gay after the artist performed at the SNL wearing a skirt. The truth is that the singer is not afraid to try new styles and it is certainly not the first time Post Malone wore a dress or a skirt. However, since it was new to some people, they were quick to judge on social media.

In January 2022, Post Malone sat down for an interview with the billboard where she also wore a dress, it had been designed by her stylist Catherine Hahn. She is Post Malone have been together for a long time and it’s no surprise that the singer is willing to try new looks.

Recently Post Malone revealed that he and his girlfriend are engaged and have welcomed a daughter. The 26-year-old American rapper says he wants to keep details of his personal life private and wants to let her “make her own decisions”. Speaking to Sirius XM’s Howard Stern show, he opened up about his career and briefly mentioned his new family.

Responding to a question about what time he got up to go to the studio the day before, he said: “I woke up at 2.30 in the afternoon (so) I went to kiss my baby girl …” Asked by Stern about keeping the news low-key, he replied, “Yeah, I want to let her make her own decisions.” He later confirmed that his partner, whose name has never been publicly revealed, was his fiancée.

Reports state that the artist’s girlfriend is South Korean rapper MLMA. Many mysteries surround the personality of MLMA, the stage name used by them with the initials of “Me Love Me A Lot”. She started working professionally as a fashion designer and has been excelling in the segment ever since. The rapper is one of the founders of a Korean streetwear brand, already used by singer Billie Eilish in her music videos. Music came into her life soon after, when she released her debut single in 2018.

Rock in Rio sensation Post Malone is dating a mysterious South Korean rapper, pregnant with the singer;  find out who he is - Famous - Extra Online

Although they have never publicly acknowledged the relationship, MLMA, who is also a mystery about her age (sometimes around 30), and Post Malone, 27, appeared together in a leaked photo on Twitter. According to the American press, they have been together since 2020 and she is the bride and mother of the artist’s daughter.

Looks like malone plans to keep details about her newborn off social media and out of the spotlight for now. Besides being a busy dad, the rapper is also enjoying the success of his latest album “Twelve Carat Toothache” which was released on June 3.

Posty with his new MLMA girlfriend: r/PostMalone

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