The Minister of Culture hails the “differentiated model” of the Porto Book Fair

Pedro Adão e Silva was accompanied by Mayor Rui Moreira. He says he is an “intense reader” and has bought several books, including one on George Orwell. The fair ends on Sunday.

In a whirlwind visit late yesterday afternoon, the Minister of Culture praised the organizational model of the Porto Book Fair. “It makes room for less visible realities, such as booksellers and booksellers, and not just the big publishers.”

“It’s a different model compared to Lisbon, because it allows you to find lesser-known books”, he continued, also highlighting the “magnificent place that is the Palácio de Cristal Gardens, able to create the context ideal for buying books”.

“Intense reader”, Pedro Adão e Silva was quick to choose the first of several books purchased during the visit. A biography of George Orwell, written by one of the English author’s grandsons. “It’s very easy for me to spend money on books,” he confessed to JN.

122 thousand visitors

Alongside the minister during the pilgrimage of booksellers, Rui Moreira said he was “very satisfied” with the progress of the Fair, visited until yesterday by more than 122,000 people. The mayor revealed that “booksellers and publishers have given us very positive feedback from the sales” and left a word of praise to Nuno Faria and his team, for “the extraordinary cultural program he has helped to achieve”.

The actions aimed at children deserved a special mention from the mayor of Porto, because “it is at these ages that reading habits are created and not in adulthood”.

Remember Ana Luisa Amaral

Already counted until the end, on Sunday, the Fair still reserves programming highlights. This evening, at the Almeida Garrett Library, the poetic cycle Quintas de Leitura dedicates a special session to Ana Luísa Amaral: “The most perfect excess”, with Emmy Curl and Golden Slumbers.

Friday begins “Writing Brazilian, in my language”, a segment coordinated by Joana Matos Frias in which three lectures will be presented with a common denominator in Brazilian culture and literature. Until Sunday, there will be interventions by the essayists Osvaldo M. Silvestre and Alva Martinez Teixeiro and the musician Luca Argel who will deal with various themes such as poetry, eroticism or popular song.

During the weekend, the highlight is the tribute to Agustina Bessa-Luís on the occasion of the centenary of her birth and a joint performance by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal and Marta Abreu.

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