“It was the astonished look of João Paulo Rodrigues…”

Vera Kolodzig took to social media on the night of Saturday September 10 to mark a personal achievement where, as she confesses, she overcame one of her biggest fears.

“That was the amazed look @joaopaulorodrigues.oficial gave when he saw me jump off the jet ski and dive behind a giant wave in Nazaré”begins by writing the actress who shared a “particular” file in which João Paulo Rodrigues is very surprised.

“One of my biggest fears are the waves, but that day the sea was ‘calm’ as I told @michelle.bouillons – after all, they were ‘only’ 9 meters away ! I did something I never thought I could do and it was totally worth it!can still be read.

“What fascinated me the most was the rainbow that forms on each wave and which I had no idea was happening because I had never seen the sea from this angle If you don’t believe it, watch today’s episode of @missaoportugues”concluded Vera Kolodzig.

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