Juliana Paes exposes the true departure of Globo and says: “Tired”

Juliana Paes spoke openly about the end of exclusivity with the Marinho family

Like Antônio Fagundes, Camila Pitanga and Lázaro Ramos, the coveted Juliana Paes is no longer part of the fixed cast of Globo.

After 21 years of exclusivity for the broadcaster, the muse has decided to break her contract. From now on, she only works for a definite job and participates in the Caldeirão do Marcos Mion.

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In an interview with PodDelas, the actress, who was in the first chapters of Pantanal as Maria Marruá, explained her decision to leave the group’s exclusivity. “A lot of people didn’t understand my movement, but I had the possibility of renewal and such,” he revealed.

“I was very tired and there comes a time when you receive gifts and the gift I received after these years of work was the power to choose. Every time I received an invitation and I pasted a work in another, I was embarrassed to say no”, confessed the famous.

“I was there and I received a salary. So, I said that I wanted to be able to give these answers more easily. I don’t want this one, but the next one, we’ll make a contract and do it. So I’m not releasing anything closed on streaming,” he added.

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New phase of Globo

Since last year, Globo has been going through a series of changes. All have touched both journalism and the entertainment industry.

Several portfolios were written off and countless professionals were laid off, especially older ones, who received veritable fortunes in salary. According to a statement from the broadcaster itself, the intention is to reduce the budget.

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