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Since the beginning of my school life, I have kept two books in particular: the one in German, Wir lernen DeutschIt’s the Reading a book of the Portuguese language. There are several small literary texts, such as: Die Stadtmaus and die Feldmaus; Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten; texts on Goethe and Mozart; fables like the boy and the wolf, the lion and the mouse, the fox and the grape and the fox and the stork. These texts were seeds sown in my mind. At the very beginning of the book in Portuguese, there is a text and a poem praising the books. I save the poem here:

The book

A book… You know
What is a book? I tell you!
– It’s a brother you have very close,
Who cries and plays with you.

Who guides you in the desert,
Who, in a bad night, lends shelter!
A heart always open,
In victory or in danger.

So treat him with a thousand affections,
That, of life on the roads,
A book is like Jesus:

Serene and good, in your steps,
To the child opening his arms;
To the man who shows the light!

Over the course of many readings, not without effort, I appropriated the Portuguese language – my second language – and I developed German. In my cradle, I had been offered the German language. In the paddock, I used to sit under a leafy tree after I came home from school. There I did my readings and admired the sunset. Books, trees, sunsets, silent presences, always present in my life.

Professor Elenor Schneider, my colleague, recalls in her text this week – “reserve time– books on the square, before our traditional Book Fair. At that time I was studying in Mauá and participating in the Interuniversity Book Fair, selling books.

The great meaning of the celebration of books lies in the effects of reading on our body and our intellect. Reading “strengthens the mind”, said Voltaire, the great French philosopher of the Enlightenment. Books give wings to our imagination and stimulate our imagination. Both essential to the development of creativity. Hence the importance of reading good stories to the little ones.

When we read, we dive into a new world. Reading expands our consciousness and our view of the world. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the great German and universal writer, once said:Wer Bücher liest, schaut in die Welt und nicht nur bis zum Zaune.“ In other words, those who read books look at the world and not just the enclosure.

It’s a fact: those who regularly read good literary texts stimulate their brain cells, train their cognitive abilities, stimulate their emotional intelligence, improve their ability to concentrate and expand their linguistic repertoire, essential for oral or written expression, to better dress their thoughts. .and ideas with words.

Reading is the best habit we can cultivate. Read consciously, whether for our studies, to improve our professional practice or to immerse ourselves in the creative and sensitive world of literary texts. Let us always be aware of the reason that drives us to read and attentive to the choice of texts, so that we can consciously offer something good to our intellect and our soul. Let us be judicious in the choice of our readings.


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