THE BALL – Vítor Baía went to the press room to hit the table about Taremi (FC Porto)

Surprisingly, it wasn’t Sérgio Conceição who appeared in the press room at the Estádio do Dragão, after FC Porto’s victory over Chaves, but vice-president Vítor Baía. Mainly to defend Taremi, but not only.

“On behalf of the Board, I come here to defend our strengths and our players, in this case Mehdi Taremi. The situation has worsened since Wednesday. [foi expulso frente ao Atl. Madrid, com segundo amarelo, por simular falta para penálti]. What we want is for them to look at Taremi in an impartial and honest way and to protect the players, instead of conditioning the work of the referees in the movements in which Taremi is the protagonist and what happened today today in two movements that took place in the area would be reason for analysis and sanction. That the Arbitration Council can explain these offers but also others, like that of David Carmo, so that there is no duality of criteria”, he began by saying.

And continued. “We have apprehensions because there are shots which may not even be a penalty and which are scored, and exactly the same in the opposite direction. So explain things incisively, in an educational way, showing the reason for certain decisions. I am coming out of this alert and returning to the beginning to defend one of our players who has been mistreated. May the referees have the ability not to get carried away in this wave of ease with respect to the simulations. We are saddened and outraged by all these behaviors.

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