Publisher Unicamp promotes the book festival on its 40th anniversary

The Editora da Unicamp promotes, from September 13 to 18, the Book Festival. The event commemorates the 40 years of existence of the Editora. On the program, in addition to the exhibition and sale of books from the Basic Cycle II, on September 13 and 14, at the Convention Center, the seminar “Discussing Brazil and the world” takes place, with book launch sessions and artistic manifestations. [Confira a programação]

The seminar is organized by the Editorial Board of the Editora da Unicamp with the support of the Dean of Popularization (Proec). The various tables of the event will have as their central theme the contemporary national and international sociopolitical scene, in particular the crisis of democracy and its various impacts. In this context, the Seminar will discuss the role of academic books and scientific dissemination in the democratization of knowledge and the experience of citizenship. Check complete program of the Seminar “Discussing Brazil and the world”. Participants will receive certificates.
(Helio Costa Junior)
Image editing: Paul Cavalheri

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