The 10 Most Expensive TV Shows Ever Made

If there was once an ideal that television was “inferior” to cinema, that is no longer true. In recent years, thanks to the rise of “prestige series“, we have millionaire productions on TV and in diffusion, in addition to a strong diaspora of renowned filmmakers migrating to the serial format. Moreover, the franchises are stronger than ever!

It no longer surprises us that such a series spent $30 million per episode, or that a diffusion paid a billion dollars for a single season. It has already become the norm, at a time when the public wants spectacle at all costs. This is why we have gathered here the 10 TV series and diffusion the most expensive in history!

The Crown (2016–present)

In 2016, the netflix launched a bold project: to transform the history of the British royal family (more precisely, of Elizabeth II) in a TV column with a star-studded cast and dazzling production – and that’s how it went The crownseries which is already in its fifth season and continues to win all possible awards.

The most impressive thing about the series is the reconstruction of various sets, costumes, and even historical events. All of this helped the production earn one of the heaviest budgets in the diffusionwith an estimated cost of $13 million per episode – and it was worth it, because each chapter of the series has the quality of a movie.

Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

In many ways, the HBO revolutionized the way audiences consume television productions, creating a “prestige” label and transforming its series into multi-million dollar shows. AND game of thrones played a very important role in this movement, because it became an absolute phenomenon of critics and the public.

Over its eight seasons, the series has gained increasing investment. In the first year, the estimate was $6 million per episode, but in the last season, this cost has already increased to $15 million for each chapter. Too bad the quality of the scripts has only declined during this period, with a pitiful end.

See (2019-2022)

when the Apple entered the branch of diffusion, many promises were made to directors and filmmakers who decided to venture into the serial format. And the most expensive production ever launched by AppleTV+ He is see, which ends next month. The series features Jason Momoa and tells the story of a world where people have lost their sight.

With beautiful sets and high-level production, each episode of the series costs on average $15 million. In addition to paying for casting, the budget also helps with the use of CGI, as the story is set in a dystopian future. It is worth remembering another expensive production by AppleTV+: The morning showwhich has a similar cost.

The Mandalorian (2019–present)

If fans have lost faith in the universe of star wars at the cinema, at diffusionthe situation could not be more different – especially when it comes to The Mandalorianseries created and produced by Dave Filloni and Jon Favreauwhich follows a Mandalorian warrior on adventures alongside an adorable member of the same race as him. Yoda master.

The series was the first original production of the Disney+ and has already proven itself right from the start, with an impressive use of practical effects and a Computer graphics In tip. each episode costs $15 millionwhich makes each season more expensive than many films in the franchise – to give you an idea, the “Baby Yoda” animatronic alone costs around $2 million.

Sandman (2022–present)

When Neil Gaiman announced that his masterpiece would become a series of netflixmany were worried about the look and the realization, since the comics of Sand seller they always dealt with abstract concepts and ideas that would be almost impossible to transfer to screens. However, the series came out and we luckily paid for our language.

With an estimated cost of $15 million per episodethe series has a beautiful look, impressive digital effects and a solid cast – in addition to managing to capture the essence of the comics of the cc/vertigo. There’s still no renewal news, but given the success of the first season, it’s only a matter of time…

The Pacific (2010)

As this list clearly indicates, the HBO is not afraid to create expensive and very refined series, in search of a seal of “prestige” for his works. An example of this is The pacifica 2010 miniseries that tells the story of American soldiers fighting Japanese troops during the bloodiest moments of World War II.

Here, the station has brought in big names in cinema, like Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks – who act as executive producers – in addition to calling Hans Zimmer to compose the soundtrack. The end result was expensive, with each episode costing around twenty million dollars per episode – in a season of ten chapters.

The Dragon House (2022–present)

if game of thrones had already contributed to breaking down the barrier between TV and cinema, The dragon house only came to consolidate this achievement. With a plot based on the book Fire & Bloodin George RR Martinthe series seeks to explore a little more of the past of House Targaryenwith the right to many dragons and a Computer graphics In tip.

Because of this, the HBO paid approximately $20 million for each episode of the new series. Sure, some storylines were repurposed and few had to be created from scratch – but it’s still a staggering expense, which explains how the franchise based onThe Chronicles of Ice and Fire became a mainstay of today’s television show.

Stranger Things (2016–present)

When stranger things arrive at netflixin 2016, was a bet for the diffusion – who even set up curious tactics of marketing, confident that word of mouth would make the series a success. And they nailed it – so much so that in 2022, the fourth season of the Duffer Brothers has become an impressive media phenomenon.

While the first year of the series cost $7 million per episode, the fourth season has already arrived breaking down barriers, with an estimated cost of $30 million for each chapter. The trend is that the fifth season, which should close the history of the series, is even more expensive – which shows that the netflix not afraid to invest in your successful content.

MCU series (2021–present)

Last year the Marvel Cinematic Universe started the expansion to diffusion, with the launch of its series and mini-series. Who took the first step was Wanda Visionbut since then we have had several such launches, like Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye and recently She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes.

Each of these series has a budget proportional to a blockbuster given wonderful studios – i.e. the estimated cost is $25 million per episode. This is a very large sum, which makes these series “add-ons” to films, with plenty of action sequences and millionaire fees for their stars and stars.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (2022–present)

Newly published, the production based on the writings of JRR Tolkien assume the post of the most expensive series in history, from afar. In total, it is estimated that the Amazon disbursed $1 billion for the production – which includes around $250 million just to pay for the rights to adapt the original work.

So far, we know that production has already been renewed until its fifth season – which guarantees at least four more years of adventures set in Middle-earth. However, we don’t know so far how much of that initial amount was spent in the first season alone. In any event, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power seems to be very expensive – just look at the scenarios and the Computer graphics used.

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