See Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball with costume-swapped fan art

with the return of frieza to the manga of Dragon Ball Superfans are increasingly eager to see Goku and Vegeta in action. However, in the art of blood splatterthe two characters appear in a very unusual way, wearing each other’s costumes and always showing themselves ready to fight!

In the picture we can see Goku with the armor of Prince of Saiyans, Whereas Vegeta wears the protagonist’s traditional orange jumpsuit. Looks like they’re about to hit each other any moment judging by the expression on Vegeta’s face.

Goku and Vegeta with their clothes changed.

Goku wears Vegeta’s armor and Vegeta wears Goku’s orange jumpsuit.

Despite collaborating and acting like friends, the two are seen as rivals. Vegeta was first introduced as a villain, but over time he had his redemption and joined the side of the Z Warriors. That, however, didn’t stop him and Goku from continuing to challenge each other to see which of the two is stronger.

But they would surely break up a little fight between them on the spot if Earth was threatened and humanity needed its powers. Just because they’re rivals doesn’t mean the characters would stop do what is rightfighting evil side by side, even more so if that evil is someone as powerful as friezawhether they have their clothes changed as in the illustration or not.

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