Kai Snake | Cast Reacts to Brazilian Memes in Funny Video; See

THE netflix published this Friday (16) a new video of the cast of Kai Snake react to Brazilian memes after the release of season 5. In him, Xolo Mariduena (Michael Diaz) Mary Mouser (Samantha La Russo) Jacques-Bertrand (Falcon) and Payton list (Tory) are amused by viewers’ comments on the fight series. The joy is so great that Xolo has already assumed himself in carioca and sent a “the stick will twist”; look above:

This week the streaming was also released a video of the actress Bruna Marquezine performing various moves and assuming to be Team Miyagi-do in the promotional video. It should be remembered that Marquezine and Maridueña work together on the new dc movie blue beetle. In the film, Marquezine will play Jenny, the romantic partner of the character who gives the film its name, played by Xolo.

the fifth year of Kai Snakearrived on the 9th, shows the dojo that gives its name to the series, now run by Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) transforms into a major martial arts franchise, while the students of Miyagi-Do and Silver Fang plan their next steps.

The production appeared in 2018 on YouTube, but was bought by Netflix in 2020. All five seasons are now available on the platform.

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