Rapper Kanye West Reveals He Hates Reading Books: “It’s Like Eating Cabbage”

Kanye West talks about several topics.

In a new interview with the CEO of Hello Yoga, Danny Harrisfor the sportswear brand podcast “Mind Full”, rapper Kanye West admits he’s never picked up a book and wants to ban the stairs. “Actually, I never read books. For me, reading is like eating Brussels sprouts and talking is like eating corn dumplings Giorgio Baldi“said the rapper, whose late mother Donda West was a professor and chair of the English department at Chicago State University. The Yeezy mogul, who introduced himself as “Black Brad Pitt” or “Black Dicaprio” in the interview, also said he wants to ban stairs and replace them with ramps.

“I’m very good at banning stairs. And people will enter into similar discussions with me. Everything should be designed as a retirement home, because if we are lucky we will all be old one day. Elsewhere in the 36-Minute interview, he said he’s been practicing a new style of speaking, where he’s taking “all those years and years of classism.” “All those things in the dictionary are ‘I’m better than you, I’m smarter than you'” said Kanye, who suggested people sound more like Yoda from Star Wars and only use words they “absolutely need”.

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During the podcast, Kanye West defended his private Christian school Donda Academy after his argument with Kim Kardashian about where their four children should study. “I have to be able to throw my version on the CV. The standard curricula that exist need to be balanced. It shows how to interact in today’s society and all that, but we have to balance that with programs that enable self-confidence, because a lot of schools in modern indoctrinations take away the confidence that these future leaders would have in them themselves.

Rolling Stone recently reported that the school is not yet accredited and families must sign confidentiality agreements.

“Our school will exhibit food engineering, shelter, clothing, automotive, computing, hardware and software, financial literacy and everything like a shout out to Elon [Musk]wizard,” said the rapper, who poked fun at people who called him crazy. “I can do something crazy in the best way, but if a random person on the street says, ‘That was crazy,’ I feel like shit for a while,” he admitted. “It hurts as a human being, it hurts my feelings. Then I start talking about how I made all that money to try to catch up with the people who let me down.

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