THE BALL – “I will intervene in the tactics of Monza, as I did with the coaches in Milan” (Italy)

Sílvio Berlusconi, former Milan president and current owner of Monza, welcomed the team’s first victory, against Juventus, and revealed that he intends to give the coach direct advice for triumph in Serie A.

“Taking Monza to Serie A gave me more joy than winning the Champions League,” he told Telelombardia. “I will intervene directly on tactics, with advice, as I did with all the coaches in Milan. Palladino deserved this opportunity, but there is no doubt that I will take care of it directly, because I have already proven that I know how to achieve the objectives.

After seven rounds, the team is second to last in the table with four points, two more than Cremonese and Sampdoria.

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