Ignácio Loyola Brandão questions the direction of the country in a dystopian book

In a new book “God, what does he want from us?” Araraquara writer recounts devastating scenario after disastrous policies in pandemic

Ignacio Loyola Brandão launches a new book criticizing the current Brazilian government (Photo: Amanda Rocha)

Clever and critical of the Brazilian political situation, the 86-year-old writer Ignácio Loyola Brandão, originally from Araraquara, does not hide his dissatisfaction and his lack of distance from the current situation in the country.

Pandemic, denial, misery and hunger have fueled the author’s dystopian new novel, “God, What Does He Want From Us” (Global).

The book will be released next Sunday (25) in São Paulo, and ends the tetralogy on disastrous mismanagement, which began with the classic “Zero” in 1975.

“When I started, I didn’t even imagine I was going to do tetralogy, so much so that I started with Zero in the 70s, then the others followed, because a series of disasters in the Brazil has been chained. The country has been regressing since, since the dictatorship, and despite the transition to democracy and a slight respite, we are now in this situation, ”he points out.

In the tetralogy are the aforementioned “Zero” (1975), “You shall see no country” (1981), “There will be nothing left of this land” (2018) and “God, what do you want from us? ” (2022).

Ignácio Loyola Brandão reflects on the direction of Brazil in a dystopian book (Photo: Amanda Rocha)

Loyola Brandão draws inspiration from real characters to compose the book, such as the caricatured president identified as crazy or intemperate.

The dystopian novel is set in an endless pandemic, where reality often loses its meaning, confusing past and present.

In the plot, the main character is played by Evaristo, a Brazilian citizen isolated in his apartment and who has just buried his wife, Neluce.

“It’s Brazil, and the book reflects this situation of desperation with no perspective yet. It’s an apocalyptic book, the clocks start to wind up, it’s deforestation, the end of life, and the “History goes back to prehistoric times. Desatinado is a caricature of any fascist leader, it’s a cliché,” he reveals.

The inspiration for the title of the book comes from another (posthumous) novel, no less important: “Les Inséparables”, by the French writer and intellectual Simone Beauvoir.

Loyola explains that in Beauvoir’s book, the author lives in a post-war context shrouded in existentialism/Marxism, and at one point questions the incurable illness of her best friend “Oh my God, what what do you want from us?”

“This question is the perplexity of the person in the face of death. In my book, the question is about the perplexity of people in the face of a disastrous government like this, negationist, in short, such a government does not exist, ”he says.

For Loyola Brandão, women are the power of the world. He sees in it a revolution led by female figures currently confronted with anti-racist struggles and equal pay. In “God, what does he want from us”, women are crucial. (Warning contains spoilers)

“There is a revolution led by women in the world and in Brazil, finally women are imposing themselves and advancing, taking the lead in everything, in the agendas of racism, aging, employment and equality wages. There is a very strong Brazilian movement and I agree with that. Who saves Brazil from prehistory is a huge group of women who carry the train from the past to the future, “reveals. -he.

With a sharp criticism of the current government, the writer points the finger at the insecurity vis-à-vis political institutions and their representatives.

Loyola Brandão reveals that he has never felt so much anxiety as during these 2022 elections. And that he is afraid of the possibility of a coup. At 86, he insists on voting.

“Of course I will vote, but I don’t vote on the last day of my life. This is one of the elections that causes me the most pain, the fear that I have of what may or may not happen. All the parties are in insecurity, without having the slightest idea of ​​what can happen with a fool like that”, he underlines.

And he continues: “The institutions are at a standstill, no one can stop him (Bolsonaro), Centrão rules this country, and there are men of the worst kind, like Rodrigo Pacheco (President of the Federal Senate) and Augusto Aras (Head of the Attorney General’s Office). Brazil is in the hands of these people. A coup could happen, it’s a huge doubt, I’m going to have anxiety until the day after the election. And I think it’s not just me, but everyone who is aware has this anxiety, ”he says.

Added to the nebulous context of Brazilian politics, Loyola is still pondering a possible nuclear war stimulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Last Wednesday (20), the Russians called up 300,000 soldiers for the war against Ukraine.

“I believe that humanity is not suicidal, but loves to be sadomasochistic. We are on the verge of the end, I believe it, because Brazil and the world are in the hands of people who are not human beings Unfortunately, human beings are also like that, they are paradoxical and desperate, full of bewilderment. A bomb can go off and we will all leave,” he says.

Realistic and always straight to the point, Loyola shows through his writing his (d)hope and his relief.
For him, it’s up to everyone to fulfill their role in order, who knows, to have a more optimistic future.

“Writing is my way out, like others make music, theater, cinema, everyone finds a way out. As long as I live, I will write, and as long as each of us does what we have to do, maybe we will survive. But hope is a very vague and tenuous word that they have invented, that is the question,” he prophesies.

In November, the writer will be honored at the 1st Literary Festival of Morada do Sol (Flisol).


Book: What does God want from us? (Global Publisher)

Author: Ignacio de L. Brandão



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