Sara Prata unveils her daughter’s first haircut and “delights” her followers: “Even the eyes shine…”

Sara Prata is a mother who drools and does not hide it from anyone. The actress often uses social networks to share the moments of love of her little Amelia, and this Thursday, September 22, was no exception.

The actress took baby Amelia to the hairdresser for her first haircut and shared the end result on social media:

We went to cut Amelia’s hair for the first time. And I think someone loved your new bangs. Even the eyes shine, what love!!“, can we read in the caption of the publication.

The post’s comment box was quickly filled with messages of love from followers: “She was sweet, beautiful Amelia,” Where “I can’t stand so much sweetness”Where “How beautiful”Where “This girl is happiness personified! are some of the examples that can be read.

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