The design of the scarlet macaw wins the contest and prints the 3rd mural da Águas Guariroba – Arts

The inauguration took place this afternoon, at the water supply system of Maria Aparecida Pedrossian

Maria Luisa with the winning design of the competition (Photo: Paulo Francis)

The drawing of the wings of a scarlet macaw, made by student Maria Luísa Lacerda Lima, 12, with gouache on paper, was voted the winning illustration of the Águas Guariroba competition and is printing the company’s 3rd urban art mural. This time on the exterior walls of the Maria Aparecida Pedrossian water supply system, located on Avenida Ministro João Arinos, at the corner of Rua Guilherme Ferreira Dutra. The opening took place on Thursday afternoon (22).

The illustration was chosen as the best thanks to the likes on the social networks of the Expressaê project, carried by the Corporate Social Responsibility Coordination. The event was part of the Tree Week celebrations. Local artist Grazieli de Souza Romero painted the mural.

To News from Campo Grande The student Maria Luísa underlined how happy she was to have been chosen and exposed some unexpected problems that arose during the process.

“I’m very happy to have won, it was at the last minute. I drew a whole scarlet macaw, it took a week, but I forgot it at home the day I took it to vote. Then I did it in the project itself, it took me an hour, I didn’t have time to redo so that there is only one wing”, he commented. According to the girl, the drawing had about 380 likes.

The parents, Ana Luiza Batista, 39, and Francisco da Silva Lima, 43, civil servants, were present at the inauguration and eager to see the result of their daughter’s idea displayed through the artist’s illustration Grazieli de Souza. “Maria has always had an aptitude for drawing, since she was a child, she saw her grandmother paint,” he comments.

Luiza Batista, Francisco da Silva Lima, Sofia and Alice, winner's family (Photo: Paulo Francis)
Luiza Batista, Francisco da Silva Lima, Sofia and Alice, winner’s family (Photo: Paulo Francis)

The mother pointed out that this type of project is great because it takes the children out of school. school. “This desire was born in the old school, São Carlos Flores, in the Rita Vieira district, it was extracurricular, too bad it was temporary because this type of activity is essential for students to have another period to relax. occupy and above all with artistic, ”he said.

The competition – The Expressaê project was carried out with 23 students, aged 12 to 15, from AMAP (Association of Residents of Aparecida Pedrossian). In all, there were 45 days of activities. The mural was inspired by the flora and fauna of the state. The social responsibility coordinator, Bia Rodrigues, from Águas Guariroba, explained that this is the third mural made by the company with the aim of promoting local art.

“The first was carried out in the project itself, at the Coophatrabalho unit, it is the second within Expressaê. It started this year. Another project, which launched this type of cultural action focused on art, is in the Lageado wastewater treatment plant, in the Vilas Boas district. It only involved local artists and was more graffiti-focused,” he pointed out.

According to the representative, another mural is planned for this year, with no date yet confirmed, and five more in 2023. “This project, in addition to looking at art for children, is also a way to enhance this space. , exchanging the white of the wall for art, it ends up preventing them from being the target of vandalism. It values ​​the neighborhood, the artist,” he concluded.

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