Luciano Huck appeals to the public before closing: “Don’t let it happen”

Luciano Huck appealed to the country and surprised everyone

Luciano Huck did something that was not expected in the World. Before finishing Domingão, he watched the cameras and gave advice to viewers around the country on this latest round of elections.

“In this period of campaign, we generally talk a lot about the candidates for the presidency, for the governor. But today, I would like to end Sunday by talking about the importance of your vote to members of the legislature. This time, deputies and senators. The vast majority of Brazilians usually define these votes, exactly this last week,” Luciano Huck began.

Luciano Huck will command Domingão live in November and December- Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Then, the Globo presenter warned of the importance of the home stretch. “And then, over the next few days, do research on the candidates for the positions of deputies and senators. But really do the research, look for candidates who have the right ethics at the right time, who advocate and act on the guidelines to build a fairer country.

In the end, he still made a request: “And finally, I wanted to make an appeal: don’t miss the polls next Sunday. To exercise your right to vote. Even if it takes effort to move, any effort is worth it. Your vote makes the difference and be sure of it,” concluded Luciano Huck.


For those who do not remember, Luciano Huck was even cited as one of the possible candidates for this election. He aired several times until he left Globo, but with Faustão’s departure, Marinhos’ broadcaster scrambled to keep him on the payroll.

For decades at Globo, Luciano Huck was one of the most important in the chain and his departure shortly after Faustão would make it very difficult for Globo to cover, in this way she managed to make Angélica’s husband stay.

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