Not a Star Wars fan? Start with Andor, the current series on Disney+

Completely immersed in pop culture, star wars is not only a franchise, it is also a worldwide phenomenon. But even so, it’s no surprise to know that a lot of people still aren’t huge fans of the work. In view of this, and orthe new and current series of Disney+ it is the ideal gateway for those interested in the saga!

At the beginning, the space opera in george lucas (in IndianaJones) bursts with the 1st Trilogy (episodes IV, V and SEEN), launched between 1977 and 1983. Later, with the 2nd trilogy (1999 – 2005) composed of preludes (hence the “reversed” numbering). And more recently, the 3rd trilogy (2015 – 2019), with highly controversial sequels.

In fact, the disney did not please in cinemas, now that he owns the brand. However, she was really successful in the first live action series of star warsThe Mandalorian (although he dropped the ball in later series). He also brought the acclaimed prelude film A thug (2016) – considered a franchise gem.

That said, when they decided to add “1+1” emerged and ora series that brought the main character introduced in A thug, Cassian (Diego Luna), in a self-centered and self-sufficient origin and spy story in the Disney+. So knowing this, come and rebel Like new padawans today!

Because start with and or?

In reality, star wars rests on two pillars: Strength and the Policy. The first, being the one who dictates the fantastic themes of the story, with the Order Of Jedi Knights It’s the Dark side Of Sith (plus many more shades). However, the soul of the saga focuses more on the “ordinary”. In the people against fascism and war.

Well, not everything in this universe revolves directly around — and shouldn’t — the fantastic family story. skywalker and users of said “Strength”. Therefore, getting to know this very distant galaxy from the mundane and a self-sufficient story is great. And in this, and or it’s perfect!

“This series was designed to be the entry point for new Star Wars fans. In other words, you can watch the episodes [e depois seguir a cronologia]. […] Our series requires no prior knowledge”attested the showrunner, Tony Gilroy (producer and screenwriter of A thug).

– Going through SlashFilm

So also began the “darling” of the fans, The Mandaloriana series that fished out unexplored elements on the seal’s web”legends” (previously non-canonical media) and animations (such as “clone wars and rebels). However, the production still relied heavily on franchise nostalgia.

Differently, and or – who follows the orphan and the smuggler, Cassianbefore him, as a leader Rebelchange the tide of war – stands out for bringing very little”fan serviceor cheesy references. Something that, on the one hand, frustrated some fans. But it definitely stopped confusing newbies. This is another reason that confirms that the series is a perfect starting point!

“We didn’t want to do anything that was fan service. […] The idea was for the show to be just real and honest. […] I don’t think it’s a secret that Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker) is on the show […] and there will be other characters. But when we bring them, we will bring them because we need them and because there really is a reason for it there.revealed gilroy.

– Going through IGN

Appointment Of episodes and 2nd season

Official banner and poster of Diego Luna as Cassie Andor from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Disney+ in the new original series and spin-off
(production credits: Disney+)

And now that we’ve convinced you to give the star wars [ao menos, nós esperamos que sim]your mission is to watch all 4 aired episodes and wait for the next 8 weekly chapters of and orWednesdays at Disney+. Therefore, mark the dates confirmed below on the calendar:

  • 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th episodes already available;
  • 5th episode in September 28;
  • 6th episode in October 5;
  • 7th episode in October 12;
  • 8th episode in October 19;
  • 9th episode in October 26;
  • 10th episode in November 2;
  • 11th episode in November 9;
  • 12th episode in November 16.

Nevertheless, it is also worth pointing out that if you like and or – and then, of course, A thug –, that the series already has a 2nd and final season of 12 episodes in pre-production. For the moment, we know that this will mark the definitive end of the story of the protagonist lived by Diego Lunaand which should not make its debut until 2024.

“It’s definitely going to be a 2nd season for our show, but for me personally, it’s the second half of the package. After all, season 1 is about Cassian becoming a revolutionary, and the next 12 episodes will take him right to Snape One.said the showrunner, Tony Gilroy.

– Going through vanity lounge

what order start to to look at star wars to Disney+?

Official Star Wars and Skywalker Saga banner and poster featuring the Disney+ original series "The Mandalorian" and "and or" (prequel and spin-off of Rogue One)
(play credits: Disney+)

Another important question for newcomers to the saga is the order of how to watch it. At this point, you can either go by premieres (a useful but confusing strategy) or by timeline (tab in the Disney+). In any case, it is recommended A thug (movie) and mandalorian (series), after and or.

Also, pay attention to how time is measured in the franchise star wars. Once fans use the conflict that led to the destruction of the first Death Star (in Episode IV: A new hope), entitled “Battle by yavin”. Therefore, there are the acronyms BBY (before and BBY (after) to list past years (BBY and DBY in pt/br).

Finally, we must not forget that despite several series (live-action and animated) to come star warsfor the moment the development of new films is “frozen”, and the previously announced projects (thug squad, for example), uncertain. Of course, due to 3rd trilogy and Han Solo (2018), which displeased both audiences and critics.

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