Paramore Releases ‘This Is Why’, First Single in Five Years, Announces February Album | Song

Paramore releases, this Wednesday (28), “This is Why”, the first single in five years. Watch the CLIP below.

The new album by Hayley Williams’ band will bear the name of the song and will be released on February 10.

The band’s last album was 2017’s “After Laughter,” which combined downbeat lyrics and colorful pop. Read the review.

Prior to the album, Paramore will release two more singles: “Leave the House” on October 2 and “Tonight” on November 3.

About the new song, Hayley Williams said in a statement:

“‘This Is Why’ was the last song we wrote for the album. To be honest, I was so tired of writing lyrics, but [o guitarrista] tailor [York] convinced [o baterista] Zac [Farro] and I that we should work on this last idea. What came out of that was the title track for the whole album,” she says.

“That sums up the myriad of ridiculous emotions, the roller coaster of being alive in 2022, having only survived the last three or four years. You would think that after a global pandemic of biblical proportions and the impending destruction of ‘a dying planet, which humans would have found in themselves kinder or more empathetic?

Paramore — Photo: Playback/Instagram/Paramore

Hayley also touched on the band’s five-year hiatus without releases, between 2017 and 2022. She starts a solo project in 2020 with the single “Simmer”.

The singer defines the time spent on the road as crucial for her and her teammates Taylor York and Zac Farro.

“It was a real break from whatever life I had done before. Looking at our schedule for the next two years, I know I wouldn’t be ready to give back to the band, the music and the life that I love so much if we hadn’t voluntarily given it up for a season.”

“For all of this, on behalf of all of us, I want to thank you for being so loving and supporting us as humans in the first place,” she continued. not a human oriented industry. music industry first. Look, we don’t even live in a society that puts people first!!”

She ends the text excited about the new era of Paramore.

“And yet, we’re just picking up where we left off. For so many reasons, I don’t even have words, I think we’re about to have our happiest and most fulfilling times in as Paramore.”

See the video analysis of Paramore’s latest album:

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