The actor who made Mudinho d’O Cravo ea Rosa became a cheese bread seller

Coming from a traditionally artistic family of Jewish origin, carlos evelyn is the son of economist Haroldo Bruce Evelyn and sociologist Suzana Sochaczewski Evelyn. He is also Déborah Evelyn’s brother and Renata Sorrah’s nephew.

Before turning to acting at USP’s School of Drama (EAD) in 1991, Carlos studied journalism and psychology. After the death of his father in 1996, he decided to spend a year studying at the Actor’s Studio in New York.

Today, however, Carlos Evelyn devotes himself to another activity. He and his wife Mariana sell cheese breads made by him in Lisbon and Cascais, Portugal. Mudinho de O Cravo ea Rosa (2000) has no intention of returning to acting.


False mute in O Cravo and Rosa

carlos evelyn

Carlos’ first performance in soap operas was in Andando nas Nuvens (1999), when he played the character of Nicolau, the ex-husband of Beth (Vivianne Pasmante).


The following year, he was in the intrigue which was the biggest success of his career: O Cravo ea Rosa (2000), currently in rebroadcast the afternoons of Globo.

He played music student Fábio Moreira, a great friend of Celso (Murilo Rosa) and Petruchio (Eduardo Moscovis). The trio decide to bet what they considered impossible: that Fábio would defeat the feminist and activist Lourdes (Carla Daniel).

Carla Daniel

The student accepts the bet and launches out to conquer, using an unusual artifice: he plays the idiot. Demonstrating frailty, Fábio attracts the attention not only of Lourdes, but also of her friend Bárbara (Virgínia Cavendish).

Both are teachers and very active in the feminist movement, but they also have in common a passion for the mudinho, which makes them confront and argue, reaching a disagreement, until the pranks are discovered: Fábio is not not mute and Bárbara is not a virgin. .


Where is Carlos Evelyn?

carlos evelyn

The artist played a lot more in the theater than on television, but he was still in Désirs de femme (2002) and Celebrity (2003). In the latter, his character Oscar was from the supporting cast to the main, height was Carlos’ highlight. At the time, he was working with his sister and brother-in-law Denis Carvalho, who were married.

He was also in Páginas da Vida (2006) and Ó Pai, Ó (2008), his last artistic work to date. In 2009, the former actor, who is currently 51, became the chief financial officer (CFO) of a company, leading a low-key life.

Carlos has an Instagram account, which however is private. Occasionally, however, you can see it in Deborah Evelyn’s stories.


other business

Deborah Evelyn and Carlos Evelyn

Because of work, Carlos Evelyn went to Europe. Ten years later, he and his wife Mariana decided to embark on a new adventure, as he himself reported in an interview with Notícias da TV.

He lives abroad in Portugal, from where he maintains the activity of the company, in addition to investing in cheese breads and a technology startup. Carlos has no intention, for the moment, of returning to Brazil:

“I love Brazil, a unique country in the world with incredible potential, but I don’t think I’ll go back there now. The country is going through a very difficult, sad and dark period, especially for those who deal with art and culture. I really hope we get out of this hole soon.

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