There are sertanejos who publicly declare that they vote for Lula. know who

Brazilian music is politically divided. Funk, rap, pop and MPB are on the left and since the start of the campaign have declared their support for Lula. Forró and sertanejo defend the current president. However, the forró barely manifests simply because its base is in the Northeast, the region that supports Lula the most. The LeoDias column has however discovered that there is a defender of Lula in country music, yes, that he defends him with an open heart, on stage.

Lauana Prado de Goiás does not hide her vote from anyone and affirms loud and clear in her broadcasts that she will vote for the PT. She even asks her audience to do the “L” of Lauana and Lula.

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the support of Joao Gomes Lula was the only manifestation in a forró show. However, his managers objected.

In 2018, Marilia Mendonca joins the #EleNao campaign against the election of President Bolsonaro. However, she had to delete her post after numerous attacks. Tempers were rising and Marília thought it best to keep quiet.

Therefore, the column sought advice from Maiara and Maraisa to know if they would publicly declare who they will vote for, and the answer was clear and direct: “Maiara and Maraisa will not speak”.

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