AUDIO: Never-before-seen demo of Lady Gaga’s ‘Photograph’ leaked online

just fled the Internet a new demo in Lady Gagacall “Photograph”🇧🇷 There is still no more information about the track, such as production notes and recording period. Check it out below:


In addition, previously unreleased excerpts from some we gave already known as “NAUSEOUS PARTY”🇧🇷 “We Could Be Lovers” it’s from “Manicure”official album title “POP-ART” (2013):

Others we gave also already released are shared in music groups and forums only in better quality, such as: “Alleluia”🇧🇷 “Brooklyn Nights”🇧🇷 “Red flame”🇧🇷 “I don’t want your love”🇧🇷 “The Princess Dies”🇧🇷 “I want to be with you”among others as well as songs already released in its catalog.

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