How the complaints book works

the complaints book It is mandatory in all stores or establishments that serve the public. Filing a complaint, whatever the means, is free. see how complete the complaint form🇧🇷 You can also follow the evolution of the complaint🇧🇷

THE electronic version started in 2017 only for essential public services, and in 2018 DECO PROTESTE made an initial assessment of the two media (physical and electronic). However, electronic assistance only became mandatory and transversal to all national economic sectors at the beginning of 2020. For these reasons, digital complaints have registered a very strong increase.

Among the operators controlled by the ASAE who must have an electronic complaints book are:

  • suppliers of goods and service providers with a physical establishment, which are required to have the traditional physical book (for example, a clothing store open to the public);
  • those who, in addition to the establishment where they have the physical book, also carry out the activity through digital means (for example, a supermarket that sells in-store and online);
  • those who do not have a physical store, but carry out an activity falling under the legal regime of the complaints book (for example, a sporting goods store which only sells online).

Some examples of ASAE-controlled operators who must have an e-book: retail, trade, maintenance and repair of vehicles, restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, parking lots, among others; sectors that do not have a competent regulatory authority.

You two complaint book formats (physical and electronic) are mandatory🇧🇷 The seller or service provider must affix, in a clearly visible place and in legible characters, a sign informing that the establishment has a register of complaints. And you are also obliged to inform the consumer or user of the existence of the electronic format and to receive the complaints thus formulated, must, as such, have an e-mail address.

Information about the existence and access to the platform e-book must be on site of the seller or service provider, in a visible and conspicuous place. However, the seller or service provider is not required to provide access to it in his establishment.

O amount of fines applied to non-compliance with the rules of the complaints book in electronic format varies between 150 euros and 15 thousand euros – depending on whether the offense is committed by a natural or legal person. Negligence is also punishable. Before imposing the fine, the offender has a period of time to take the necessary measures to comply with the obligations.

In the case of the physical format, the seller or service provider is required to keep an organized file of complaint books for a minimum of three years.

There is also a way to file a complaint in the public sector, but the rules are different. is used on yellow bookin both physical and electronic format, but note that electronic format does not cover all entities.

Given the weaknesses of the complaints system and the need for the complaints book to be a truly useful tool for consumers, DECO PROTESTE sent several complaints in the Assembly of the Republic.

DECO PROTESTE regularly monitors issues related to consumer rights. If in doubt, contact information service🇧🇷

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