Moranguinho admits he made a mistake with Andre in the game

small strawberry, the twelfth eliminated in “The farm 2022″ (RecordTV) opened up to her followers and has so far justified her positions. On her Instagram, the dancer went wild in a series of stories. “I missed having my cell phone” , she began.

Recently eliminated, Moranguinho confided in her departure from reality. “I am still orienting myself. Now, precisely, I am playing with my cell phone to see everything that has happened, to understand better,” she said. which is confined with the old pawns.

“I want to make it clear to you that all the news you see, the things I said and manifested, were based on videos I saw. I did not have access to my cell phone. We have a Record diary to fill in, and there videos are presented. These are montages, we see small excerpts. I saw excerpts which made me very sad, of course, because that was not what I saw inside,” said the worker who participated in the “Decompression cabin” and that “Live from eliminated“, both presented by Lucas Selfie.

She took the opportunity to explain the different positions from one show to another: “If you see different positions from one show to another, it’s because, in the sequence, when I went to record a, I saw a content. responses to things changed because of it. I had to come here and tell you straight,” Strawberry Shortcake said.

About the reality experience, Naldo’s wife was quite sincere. “It was the craziest experience I’ve ever had in my life. Looking at it here, from the outside, you can’t even get a remote idea of ​​what it’s like to be inside. I thought I was very prepared, and I wasn’t,” she began, talking about her view of reality. “I’m a calm person, I’m really careful, I worry a lot about the things I say. But, inside, the game imposes certain things on us all the time,” said the former worker. “It’s all very intense. We get completely emotional,” she said.

Relationship with André Marinho

Moranguinho took the opportunity to talk about his relationship with André. “I ended up alienating people that I wouldn’t want to alienate and I ended up doing it, because I couldn’t have a broad view of the game like you did. We end up taking action and do things that we might even regret, yes. And it’s not wrong, on the contrary. It’s very beautiful to be wrong and to recognize the error. I wanted to recognize this error and to say it ” , she said.

The former worker continued: “Regarding André, I wanted to retract on him. Because I saw several situations that proved to me that he was, yes, a great ally. He was, yes, a great friend. so involved with the girls and in defense that I haven’t seen him. For me, what was right there, what was right, was to fight, was to defend. I have created affection. All this moved me very much. you seemed wrong, to me inside what i was going through and what i could see at that time was very good. I was very convinced of that. And here, after some things that I saw, I saw that I made a big mistake, mistake. I apologized, I ask again here, I will ask personally and as often as necessary. Because I am a woman who recognizes my mistakes, apologizes and regrets,” she said.

The former worker has already participated in certain dynamics after leaving reality, and pointed André as reliable and Déolane as poisonous.

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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

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