Who would be the Pokémon of the My Hero Academia characters? Fan imagined in the art series




Ygor de Oliveira Ferreira

Among the various fan art on pokemon it’s normal to see characters from other franchises as Pokémon trainers, showing off which types and creatures best match each hero or villain’s style. this time the artist gik17 conceived deku🇧🇷 uraraka and Bakugoin my hero academialike coaches forming a complete team.

Deku’s team focuses on the Fighting type, with Lucario, Heracross and a Mega Lopunny which is Normal and Combat type. In addition to the three, the hero presents a Azumarill who is Water and Fairy, staraptor normal and flying type and Bunnelby which is also normal. The idea for the team was to have small monsters that had the aesthetics of a rabbit like Deku’s mask, focused on fights and blows that could also hurt the user, like the protagonist of my hero academia🇧🇷

Deku’s Pokémon team, made by Gik17

Bakugo focuses on Fire-type Pokémon, having Arcanine, Typhlosion and Turtonator🇧🇷 In addition to the three, it brings primetape kind of fight, electrode electric type and solrock which is stone and psychic. His team was thinking of creatures that have an angry temper, use fire, and can learn the Explosion move.

Bakugo’s Pokémon team, made by Gik17

Finally, Uraraka focuses on the Fairy type with Gardevoir, Jigglypuff and Togekiss🇧🇷 Munna who is psychic, altar Dragon type and Drifloon who is Ghost. Her team’s idea was to bring Pokemon that had the heroine’s colors and could somehow float or fly.

Uraraka’s Pokémon team, made by Gik17

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