Bruno talks about the departure of Eduardo Costa from Cabaré

Bruno spoke about the Cabaré project, which he joined after a long period of partnership between Leonardo and Eduardo Costa. In an interview with Registro Sertanejo, Marrone’s duet partner said he couldn’t speak to Costa after he was asked to join the project in his place.

“We hardly ever see each other. Eduardo does a lot of shows, Bruno & Marrone too, so we hardly see each other, it’s very hard to find, because every hour we’re in a different place. But like that, I didn’t say anything, no. He had news from his office, he was from Leonardo’s office. It was their problem there,” Bruno said.

The singer also said he was surprised by the invitation to join the Cabaret. “It was amazing. First, because this proposal came during the pandemic. They bought 82 of our cabaret dates and prepaid. We were a little broke, so I said, ‘But is that really true? Guys, God exists,’” Bruno said cheerfully.

“We were very happy. In addition to being with Leonardo, who is a very funny guy, very nice, a very good person. We have a history with him, which is true. It is through him that Marrone told me was presented, he took it home. The success of this Cabaret after Eduardo had to be something really real, because Leonardo and Eduardo Costa were very strong. Cabaret, the project itself, also depends on the components. S ‘there was no Leonardo and Bruno & Marrone, I think it would be more complicated,’ he added.

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