Harry Potter Movies Avoid Disastrous Book Plot

When a book is made into a film, regardless of genre or theme, some storylines end up being left out of the big screen. franchise Harry Potter is no exception. The films make the right decision by avoiding the inclusion of one of the books’ most disastrous plots – involving protagonist Harry and Cho Chang.

In the cinema, the saga Harry Potter ended in 2011. However, the magical universe remains in the pop culture canon. With the Fantastic Beasts movies, the franchise maintains its grip on the fantasy world.

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Harry Potter has earned over $7 billion at the box office of movies alone. The saga also has a theme park and many licensed products.

We reveal below how the films of Harry Potter they avoid one of the most uninteresting plots in the books; check!

Luckily, the Harry Potter Franchise Doesn’t Adapt Harry and Cho’s Breakup

The Harry Potter films covered much of the plots of the books – around 4,000 pages – in their releases.

As the background material is too large to fit into 8 films, which are approximately 20 hours in length, several storylines ended up only on the pages.

One of the most important (and fair) changes between the JK Rowling’s books and the Warner films, involves the breakup of Harry Potter and Cho Chang.

Compared to other Harry Potter couples, Harry and Cho Chang’s relationship is definitely not one of the most interesting.

Even actress Katie Leung took issue with her characterization and the way Harry and Cho’s relationship is approached.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the relationship between Harry and Cho grows in importance. The relationship, however, ends when Cho tells Professor Umbridge the truth about Dumbledore’s army (under the influence of truth serum).

Upon discovering the “complaint”, Harry breaks up with Cho and essentially shuts out his colleague from his life. It’s a bit of an exaggerated attitude, mainly due to the fact that Cho was forced to reveal the information.

We harry potter booksin contrast, Harry and Cho’s relationship ends quite differently, shortly after the first kiss between the characters.

During their first “official” meeting, Harry becomes angry when Cho reminds him of Cedric Diggory, his ex-boyfriend who died in the previous book (Goblet of Fire).

At the same time, Cho is exasperated by the way Harry talks about Hermioneyour best friend.

Finally, the flirtation ends when Marietta Edgecombe, Cho’s best friend, tells Umbridge about Dumbledore’s army – even without the truth serum.

It’s a much more explosive ending, and for many fans, the franchise was right not to tackle it in theaters.

All Harry Potter movies are available on HBO Max.

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