Silvio Santos has a day of fury and special bar programming on SBT

The freedom Silvio Santos gave SBT executives was short-lived: less than two weeks after he said he didn’t even want to know the broadcaster’s ratings during his vacation period, the businessman returned to action this Monday afternoon (2) and has already watered down the plans of his subordinates. Having nothing interesting to do in the United States, he decided to watch the soap opera Pequena Travessa. and was disgusted turning on the TV – the communicator has a device that releases the signal from the network anywhere in the world – and watching the first impact.

The report of popular television found that the man from Baú was not happy to discover that his creation entered the time of another of his bets without his prior consent, but decided to follow the news to try to understand why he was always exposed. The businessman quickly understood that the duration of the First Impact had been extended until the exhibition of the wake of Pelé (1940-2022), but he was furious to see Marcão do Povo thank a “huge audience” during of the cover. Silvio then decided to call one of his faithful squires.

Shortly before 1 p.m., the businessman determined that any movement in programming honoring Pelé was canceled and SBT’s regular schedule should resume as soon as possible. Until then, the leaders of the broadcaster had planned to run a marathon linked to the wake of the king of football: in addition to the Primeiro Impacto, which ended at 2:20 p.m., the broadcaster would have a special edition of Fofocalizando lasting three hours, under the command of Marcelo Torres, speaking exclusively on the farewell of the fans of the former footballer.

As always, Silvio Santos’ order was immediately granted: the channel simply did not broadcast the episode of Pequena Travessa — which will certainly be watched by the man from Baú on Tuesday — for lack of time, because the determination of the entrepreneur only reached the Programação sector when the telenovela should already be broadcast. Marcelo Torres, who arrived earlier at the studios and had even made up and groomed himself, was able to see ships, as well as the scenography team, who even prepared a different set for the special edition of Fofocalizando which does not never even existed.

In addition to the determinations regarding the lineup for this Monday, Silvio recalled that the use of the Plantão do Jornalismo thumbnail was strictly prohibited until further notice. He was informed that the broadcaster had used the name for coverage of Pelé’s death, again on the afternoon of December 29, and again advised executives that the current brand for breaking news is Repórter SBT, created by him in September 2022 as a journalistic bulletin at strategic times.

After listening to all of the boss’ remarks, the businessman’s trusty sidekick asked how SBT should now handle Pele’s death. Silvio, out of patience, confined himself to saying that he had already sent a wreath of flowers for the funeral wake.

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