How Brazilian Kiko Loureiro gained so much space in Megadeth

Despite frontman Dave Mustaine’s reputation for not agreeing to collaborations, the guitarist co-wrote eight of the 12 songs on the band’s new album.

O megadeth is the band of Dave Mustaine. Formed in 1983 shortly after the guitarist was expelled from metallic, the group had its leader also assuming the vocals, the compositions and all the artistic direction. This is why it is surprising that the Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiroa member who joined the line in 2015, conquered so much space in such a short time.

From his first album with megadeth, dystopia (2016), Loureiro collaborated on the creation of three songs: “post-american world”, “Poisonous Shadows“and the instrumental”conquer or die”. On the next disc, the recent The sick, the dying… and the dead! (2022), he helped write eight of the 12 songs on the material: “night stalkers”, “Chernobyl dogs”, “sacrifice”, “Psychopathy”, “kill time”, “celebrity”, “Mission to Mars” and “We will return”. All tracks were designed in partnership with Mustaine.

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The brand is very important, because no musician other than the leader himself has managed to collaborate so many times in the same work of the group. megadeth – except for the youth of asia (1994), where everyone was credited for everything, though maybe it was just a measure to please all the musicians on the lineup at the time. It also helps to demystify the idea that Dave he is not open to new ideas in his group: the musician is known to be “tough” and ruthless with his subcontractors.

In a channel interview IgorMiranda, Kiko Loureiro says he thinks a lot about the conquest of space in the megadeth. The guitarist reflected on the fact that the current “boss” may have changed, so he doesn’t discredit the former members’ report. However, the current reality is that of a very fertile space in terms of collaboration.

“I don’t know how it was in the past. O Mustaine may have changed too. People age and think differently. But I don’t think that’s it.”

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The Brazilian understands that his previous experience of around 25 years as one of the creative leaders of the streama power metal band renowned inside and outside their home country, may have helped deal with Dave Mustaine.

“I think it’s a matter of talking creator to creator. O Mustaine you know what it is megadeth. To contribute, you have to know very well what it is megadeth and the type of music, the audience. You must speak in a way that a creator speaks to another creator.

In this way, kiko he always made it clear to his colleague that he wanted to help with the end result of the work instead of just trying to “take” credits – and, therefore, money with copyrights – on the songs of the group.

“When it’s clearly in favor of the album, the music, the art, the business – and you manage to show it and work like this over time – it starts to break down these barriers, these walls . The creative conversation starts to flow better and then you have the result. »

Megadeth’s hit, The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!

The result quoted by Kiko Loureiro it’s the best it can be. Even though he was recorded amid issues such as cancer already healed from Dave Mustaine and a sex scandal that led to the bassist’s departure David Ellefson, The sick, the dying… and the dead! had great repercussions in number and in criticism. The 16th studio album in the career of megadethreached the top 10 charts in nearly 20 countries, with a focus on #3 in the US and UK. Moreover, the musicWe will return” was nominated for the 2023 edition of the grammysin the category Best metal performance.

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