A bad experience! Maria Botelho Moniz devastated in her debut, fails her great trial by fire – Nacional

THE Cristina Ferreira’s successor on TVI’s Sunday evenings doesn’t have it easy, and right after the premiere. Maria Botelho Moniz, 38, directed ‘The Ex-perience’ with a soft voice and a suave timbre, but the format did not please viewers, nor critics, who, throughout the week, rocked the reality show with couples fighting.

Call to face Successor format “Big Brother”which was created on the first day of January, Maria Botelho Moniz had, a few hours later, the pages of her social networks, and those of reality TV, clogged with critical and harsh comments.

“What they do for the money…they even lose their dignity”; “In real life, they don’t understand each other, then they do a show to expose their lives and then it works. These people, for the money, even lose their dignity… they are not ashamed”; “This program is awful”; “The lack of imagination is great, these types of programs are history. The year has changed, but the programs, apparently, have not changed; they are old and without substrate. I have seen enough to be able to comment. It is not to see more”; and “It’s all for money” were some of the taunts thrown at the presenter. There is also social media followers who are already predicting the worst-case scenario for ‘A Ex-periência’which was the third most-watched program of the day and failed to win over 935,000 viewers – a number far removed from TVI’s claims.

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