“Harry Potter and Hermione Granger…”

This Tuesday, January 10, César Mourão took to social networks to share a new photographic record. The comedian presented himself with a new look inspired by a well-known character.

Through his personal Instagram account, César Mourão shared a photographic recording where he shows himself next to his wife, Joana Lousão. The comedian appears with round glasses and ends up comparing himself to one of the most famous literary characters: Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger“, he wrote, very amused, in the caption of the publication.

Quickly, the post’s comment box filled with loving messages for the couple: Much nicer than the others”or “The loveliest couple. May they always be like this: united!or “Look how cute”or “Tell me where you put the wand.are some examples.

Now see:

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