Miguel Cristovinho alongside Cristina Ferreira in a special moment

PAbout to take the stage at the Altice Arena, in Lisbon, for the second edition of the ‘Cristina Talks’ event, Cristina Ferreira has shown through social networks who has been her great support in this special moment: the musician Miguel Cristovinho.

The DAMA element appears in the photographs the presenter has been sharing for the past few hours on her official Instagram account that show behind the scenes of the event, which takes place this Saturday (January 14).

“People who are at home,” he captioned the image.

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© Instagram Reproduction/ Cristina Ferreira

Cristina Ferreira and Miguel Cristovinho met during Kasha’s appearance on ‘Big Brother Famosos’ and became inseparable. The friendship between the two has even led to rumors of an alleged romance.

The broadcaster also showed other behind-the-scenes footage from “Cristina Talks,” a conference event that aims to motivate others by sharing life stories.

“The daughter of Malveira”, he wrote during his appearance on stage at the grandiose Altice Arena.

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