The hidden romance movie on Netflix YOU NEED TO WATCH

A few months ago, a romantic movie was released on Netflix and it was a huge success. However, after a while, the feature film eventually fell into fan oblivion. stifling passion is a French film that mixes romance and suspense.

Precisely because it has an atypical mix, stifling passion received several accolades and became, at the time of its launch, one of the biggest successes of the service. Moreover, the film is inspired by a true story. In short, the feature film follows a couple who have an immediate chemistry, but little by little, it turns to discomfort.

Well, if this movie is the genre you love, here’s everything we know.

the plot of stifling passion

The story of stifling passion revolve around Roxana Aubry. The student meets the freediving world champion Pascal Gautier during a short vacation in the south of France. Immediately, a spark arises between the couple and they immediately fall in love.

Unexpectedly, Roxana has already interrupted her studies in Paris to be able to be with the charismatic and dominant man she met. At the same time, she ended up learning the world of apnea. But in truth, Roxana turns out to be an absolute natural in the dangerous and physically difficult discipline.

Under the leadership of Pascal, the young woman plunges into this universe, and from disc to disc, she quickly becomes the shooting star of apnea. Together, the lovers compete in competitions around the world and literally swim in a wave of happiness and euphoria.

However, stifling passion it shows that, as in any relationship, problems are starting to arise. The fact that the two are together and are both instructors and students strains their relationship. Pascal reacts with jealousy to Roxana’s growing notoriety.

But, he continues to pray tirelessly to give the best of himself. But not only your health, but also your feelings, the hot head shows little regard. The trigger occurs when Pascal cheats on Roxana with another woman, the already tense situation between the two threatens to worsen.

Cast: Who is in the film?

Choking Passion is available on Netflix
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Much of the cast of stifling passion presents French actors. However, there are a few cameos in the feature. Sofiane Zermani plays Pascal and Camille Rowe plays Roxana. In addition, other names are present in the casting.

Among them: César Domboy, Zacharie Chasseriaud, Laurent Fernandez and Jonas Dinal. Also participating in the film are Natalie Mitson, Belen Enguidanos, Alexandre Poole, Hassam Ghancy, Laurence Porteil, Grégory Gaule, Mathias Minne, Johakim Mejri and Antonin Schopfer.

So, are you going to give the film a chance? Check out the trailer:

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