Chefin Regrets the Death of a Security Guard Who Was Depressed – Rap Mais

Anselmo, better known as Balão, committed suicide and left a request for the singer.

Rapper Chefin’s security guard, known as “Balloon”, died during the last dawn. The young Mainstreet entertainer confirmed the death of the security guard on social media. Balloon was depressed and left a message for friends and left a strong message on his Instagram and sent a request to the singer.

In their Instagram stories, chief he seems very shaken and emotional to have lost the security guard, who was also his friend and was trying to help him through the difficult time. The artist posted a conversation he had with Anselm on WhatsApp where he showed concern for him, asking him if he needed anything to make the bad moment pass. In the early hours of the morning, the security guard sent a final message to Chefin: “Just help my family”.

Ballon also left a message on his Instagram which moves anyone who reads it: “I wanted to apologize to my mother, my father, my brother and my nephew whom I love very much. But my head is not well, I I try and I try, but everything is wrong. I can’t sleep without this anxiety that nothing will happen. One thing that I can’t explain. Apologize to my friends and those who love me, I know I was weak, a coward, but I apologize to everyone. Remember me smiling in pranks, hugs from those who’ve ever hugged. I was a coward, yes, but strong enough to kill me. (Sorry)”

We mourn the death of Anselmo and wish his friends and family strength and comfort.

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