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Customer experience is one of the decisive factors for the success of any business, and in retail it could not be otherwise. According to a report by Adyen, a fintech platform, 70% of consumers no longer buy from a brand after a negative experience.

The good news is the large number of literary works that address important concepts on the subject and can help entrepreneurs improve services.

Consumers are looking for immersive, digital experiences that focus on convenience and the need to buy. Assessing this scenario, Andrei Dias, Head of Sales at Nexaas, a retail tech specialist in innovation for retail, lists five books that teach valuable lessons about the consumer experience in retail, ranging from the most classic indications to the most publications. newest in the segment. Check:

1. The experience economy — Joseph Pine II, James H. Gilmore

Address the question of the value of experience to the individual and how this influences a company’s offer, The experience economy explores successful cases and shows how and why to create engaging and engaging journeys.

“This book addresses precisely the fact that it is not always enough to offer only quality products and services or affordable prices, but that it is also necessary to invest in something immeasurable, which is to offer the customer something something remarkable and which makes him want to come. back, preferably with approaches that surprise you and exceed your expectations,” the executive says.

2. Customer Experience: In Theory and Lots of Practice – Stacy Sherman

Bringing together experts who comment on cases, challenges and solutions, this book brings stories from different segments, such as logistics, health, hospitality and food, being very useful reading for those who already have or want have their own business. It is considered the first customer experience book in Brazil.

3. The Apple Experience — Carmine Gallo

Another essential reading is The Apple experiencewhere acclaimed author Carmine Gallo details the practices of one of the world’s most profitable companies, tracing success from customer loyalty to employee motivation.

“Being the first company to hit the US$3 trillion mark in market value, Apple has a lot to teach as it not only focuses on its products, but also shows the importance of good internal communication, always with the intention of improving and developing its collaborators so that they guarantee the best experiences for consumers”, underlines Dias.

4. The Power of Moments — Chip and Dan Heat

Addressing the four elements that make a moment memorable – elevation, insight, pride and connection – this work explores why we tend to remember some moments better than others, and what we can do to replay them instead of replaying them. to forget. and chance.

5. Disney’s way of delighting customers — Richard Branson

It’s no secret that the Disney brand is enchanting, but how they manage to bring true magic to their consumers, whether in parks, hotels, restaurants and stores, is the greatest asset. of the company. This book reveals creative methods and innovative practices that serve as a reference for other organizations.

“Almost like a kind of customer service manual, this book comes highly recommended to business owners, showing how one of the most important companies in the lives of its customers manages to deliver amazing experiences to all of its audiences, from people with disabilities to children and the elderly”, concludes the executive.

About Nexaas – It is a Retail Tech, retail innovation specialist, born in 2018, part of a strong group of investments in digital solutions, B2B software, B2C software , e-commerce software, artificial intelligence, among others, which seeks accelerated sustainable growth and value creation through continuous innovation.

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