João Manzarra leaves Cláudia Vieira in disbelief: “You are more of the same”

Cláudia Vieira is one of the participants of the SIC program ‘Vale Tudo’, this Sunday, January 22.

João Manzarra kicked off the broadcast of “Vale Tudo” with the presentation of the participants of today’s show, which includes two newcomers: Cláudia Vieira and Cândido Costa.

After a brief chat with the former footballer, it’s the presenter’s turn to talk to the actress. “Claudia are you jealous?“, he wonders. “Indecent… my Cândido Costa and I’m here…”, retorted the artist.

You’re a little more the same to me…just kidding“Launched João Manzarra, leaving the guest surprised.

To lighten the mood, the host added, “Listen, I’m really, really happy to have you here too, and it’s always a pleasure to work with you. As? You are beautiful”.

I was super excited, I was euphoric to be next to you, next to this cool band, but now I’m a little discouragedretorted Cláudia Vieira.

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