The real reason the show didn’t get a 4th season

Alisha Wainwright explains why a revival of shadow Hunters it’s unlikely. The series is a popular adaptation of The Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare. The story follows Clary Gray, a seemingly normal girl who, on her eighteenth birthday, discovers a secret world of supernatural beings.

Clary is a shadow hunter, a human-angel hybrid who is tasked with hunting down and destroying demons to protect humanity and the world at large. The series ran for three seasons on Freeform, with the final season airing in 2019.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant promoting his new film, “There’s Something Wrong With Kids,” Wainwright discusses the possibility of reviving the supernatural series. She talks about the continued popularity of the show, with fans still connecting with her.

She also explains the series’ ownership rights and why she thinks a return is unlikely. Then said:

“I forgot who owns the rights to the show. It’s all very interesting when you go into the math of who has the rights to syndicate the show. But I know a lot of the cast members do conventions if you will No one has approached me about any reunion, but it’s a lot more complicated than you might think to get the show working again. but obviously shadow Hunters has a very special place in my heart. I learned a lot about acting and the craft, and it would be really cool to bring everyone together. It breaks my heart when I see something about a new season on Twitter. You do not understand ! You literally have to get that many bigwigs to sign a paper for that to happen. I don’t think that’s gonna happen, you know?

How can there be a rebirth of shadow Hunters

shadow Hunters ended in 2019, but fans are still hoping to see the story continue. However, from what Wainwright has said, a revival of the series doesn’t seem likely. The question of ownership of the series makes everything particularly complicated, which makes the idea of ​​it all taking off, again, difficult and expensive.

However, many series have had unexpected revivals even after many years. Given the continued fan support, that might seem unlikely, but it’s not impossible either.

The series should return to fix Clary’s story

While the series finale ended the main storylines, it also established a new world order within shadow Hunters. Alec is the Enclave’s Inquisitor and married to Magnus, who becomes the Grand Wizard of Alicante.

Isabelle succeeds Alec as head of the New York Institute and dates Simon, who becomes deputy at the Underworld Institute. Luke becomes a Shadowhunter again and Maia takes his place as the alpha of the werewolf pack.

Shadowhunters: The real reason the series won't have a season 4
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

While everyone has a happy ending, Clary loses her memories of the shadow world and Jace is unable to move on. However, in the final moments, Clary is able to see Jace again and seems to remember him. This creates exciting new possibilities for the Shadow World if a revival of shadow Hunters to come true.

This new season would likely focus on Clary regaining her memory by earning the angel’s forgiveness and trust. It would also be interesting to see how the Shadow World coexists when ruled by the new generation.

A new threat may be introduced, reuniting the original team and giving Clary the opportunity to prove that she should have the chance to become a Shadowhunter again, if that’s what she wants!

In the world of entertainment, nothing is impossible. Who knows shadow Hunters does not return for a new season in the future. Even if it is not concrete, it is not impossible.

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